ONE STOP SOURCING

Sourcing Services

Still worrying about sourcing from China? Then it would be a wise choice for you to choose us. We have tied up with JNT China to create a one stop procurement service. Classic Concepts now  enables you to source from China in an unexpected and amazing way

                                                                                      BENEFITS you can enjoy...

Lower Costs

Although prices are moderately lower in China, it’s quite a bad deal to establish an overseas office and hire staff to operate it for China procurement. The good news is that CLASSIC CONCEPTS/JNT offers a better alternative. Serving as an order fulfillment agent, CLASSIC CONCEPTS/JNT not only assist you in purchasing products from China, but ensure all products pass proper high quality standards.  We can efficiently locate suppliers and shorten the supply chain. And for this reason, CLASSIC CONCEPTS/JNT allows you to cut off costs, enjoy professional procurement services, surely at the best prices, and gain great benefits from China. We also consolidate shipments hereby providing further savings in shipping and handling costs.

More Resources

It’s definitely not that easy to find right suppliers. However, applying tactical local sourcing strategies and collaborating with China-based factories and industry alliances, CLASSIC CONCEPTS/JNT are skilled in managing Chinese suppliers and have abundant high-quality sourcing resources at command, so with millions of products manufactured in China we can get you connected and assure product quality.

Lower Risk

Purchasing directly from online suppliers is not only time-consuming, but can be a troublesome and risky task. CLASSIC CONCEPTS/JNT can help you identify and verify suppliers based on accumulated sourcing experiences.

We bring in all products to our own warehouse in China. Each and every piece is checked and branded before being despatched. End of the day you know exactly what you are getting and there are no hidden suprises when the shipment arrives with your clients.

Flexible & Customized

Featured as an innovative and flexible partner, CLASSIC CONCEPTS/JNT offer customized sourcing services and with well experienced personnel, we are able to fully understand and meet your specific needs.

                                                                   Importing from China with Zero Obstacles

                                                                                                Hassle Free

People often see growing business opportunities from sourcing in China, but neglect that time differences, cultural differences and languages barriers could be obstacles. But now you can rest easy for CLASSIC CONCEPTS can take over the burden of this kind of “heavy lifting”. Further you don’t need to deal with five or six companies, but just CLASSIC CONCEPTS, for we can decrease communication gaps and facilitate higher efficiency and ease your headache.